These hours were made for me. My mind just flows to a place away from the reality of the world and I begin to dream with my eyes wide open.
All I can think about is your big, husky arms around me.
We slowly take a trip to the bed, you gently lay me down, and place your warm lips against mine.
You’re whispering in my ear all the things you want to do to me. It’s beautiful.
It’s not just an act for you.
You want to give me an experience.
You want nothing more than to explore my body, making sure that every single inch is touched and pleased to perfection.
You place my pleasure above your own needs and when I moan, and scream, and scratch, and pull, you soon realize that you’re giving me everything I’ve wanted, and needed, and baby so much more.
You’re not about showing me what I’ve been missing, you’d rather show me what I deserve.
You breathe deeply, stroke me slowly and you effortlessly present to me what true love making is all about.
It’s not about the fast pumps and dirty talks.
But it’s more about the “Pull me Closer,” and the slow grinds.
In between every stroke you whisper “I love you, baby” in my ear and I feel it through your heart.
The penetration is good, but our connection is so much better.
Our hearts are in control of the entire process and that alone is enough to take me there.
We are determined to continue until we both climax.
And as the strokes become more rapid and the moans become more vocal, I scream, and we both release.
We lay there.
The adrenaline is rushing through our bodies still as we are amazed at the experience we both just encountered. We are taken away from the magnitude of emotions that are flowing through our spirits.
We lay there silent.
We don’t say a word. But we know that at that moment we got to experience just a small taste of perfection.
Not because we both were perfect, but because we were perfect for each other.
At that moment, he didn’t care about my flaws and I didn’t care about his.
He looked at me as if he’d seen an angel sent straight from heaven, right down to be beside him.
I looked at him like I’ve seen a Greek God, handsome, strong, and able to do no wrong.
True love prevailed and I never wanted to let that moment go……
But then I wake up. Eyes still open, bed still empty, and life still missing true love. But until it comes, I’m ok with dreaming. And with that being said, I don’t mind returning back tomorrow at 12:54am.

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