The Slow Dance 

Slow dance with me

Place your right hand in the small of my back

And your left…intertwine it with mine.

Pull me close and rock me side to side.

I rest my head on your chest

While Tevin Campbell plays through the speakers

You’re whispering the words of the song in my ear

“Tell me what you want me to do….my love is always here for you and only you”

I smile.

You kiss my cheek and continue to dance with me slowly.

You would think we were alone.

That there were no other people in the room. Or other couples on the floor

Being locked in your arms, I would have never noticed

I melted away into you as we glided across the room

I felt every inch of your love.

All from just a simple slow dance.

“If you understand just how I feel. Then you should know that my love is real.”

Of course I feel like the “Belle of the Ball”. The Queen that you always made me out to be.

I imagine never having to leave this place.

We are enjoying the moment, even though we know that the song won’t last.

And just like that it slowly comes to an end.

No worries, I’m sure our love will bring us back to this place again

With another beautiful and intimate slow dance.

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