the Letter B by Dominique Johnson

With so much talent in this world, it is simply an honor to be able to feature just a handful of them on my blog. So for #TalentTuesday, I would like to feature one of my newly found Poet interests, Dominique Johnson. Please enjoy 🙂

the Letter B
(read aloud for theatrical emphasis)

If I were a bee I would live & love life in the highest degree…
—–Possessing an aire of the highest esteem——
“Different in every regard,” is the aura of this bee.
“Yes Indeed!
“A no-handout-standout” bee is what you would see….
I would buzz to a distinguished tune…
Play me to Ratpack music,
“Fly me to the Moon” comes to mind… soul music and the like….
I would live life each day – from golden sunrise to skies of grey…
Oh if I were a bee… I would just be me.

About Dominque:

IMG_0158“I’m a passionate writer. Until I feel like a piece is completely conveyed in the mannerisms that accurately depict my mindset and feelings, I will edit and edit again to get it just right. I feel like the process is just important as the product and so each poem takes on a body of its own in regards to spacing, pauses for thought, and overall flow and rhyme scheme.” -Dominique Johnson

Please support this talented young poet by checking out more of his work at the website listed below and following his social media accounts.

The Continuation of Black Art. | A collection of poetry and pondered thoughts.

Twitter/Instagram: officialdomj

Thanks for reading and if you would like to be a featured poet, please email me  at


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