400 Lincoln Block by Maxx Kenif

400 Lincoln Block

I close my eyes and dream,
As I sit back and think about the past when the thick smoke paints a picture of a time of the old me.
The moon plays the role of a heart that stood strong in the night when it shinned on the one that seek answers.
The sun comes out and the angles give blessings of forgiveness no matter what the sin may be.
My surroundings gave me a reason
to have an attitude on my shoulders and fill my eyes with someone else’s rage,
My city gave me a brush to paint a image for the next child but instead we took a talent and changed a mind set of anyone that had innocents.

My blood drove fast because my mind was slow, getting high off of what we call now but then never understood the present when the present was trying to explain what future was trying too say this hole time.
An image I thought was worth a life time, but never knew that little box I lived in will never last forever.

I must find forever…


Name’s Maxx Kenif, I’m from Orange NJ. I’m part of “Cloud Boyz” music group from out here and under ATM music label. I started doing music videos at first and that’s how maxx kenif was created, I spent my time aside that doing a lot of writing on my free time and that’s later on when I got into music. I enjoy free writing just to vent my thoughts. It can either be on my music or a simple poem.

twitter: @maxxkenif
ig : @maxxkenif

“Cloud” by maxx kenif

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