My Thoughts on Loving You 

Loving you

Is the easiest thing I’ve ever learned to do. 

What’s hard is standing by your side as you love someone else. 

My heart is full of you while yours is full of her. 

Can’t you see…

I smile when you smile.

I laugh when you laugh. 

And when you’re at your lowest

I feel your pain and 

I’m there when you fall

To place you right back on your feet. 

Can’t you see…  

When I’m with you

When I touch you

And hold you, and even when I kiss you 

That I’m the best version of myself. 

I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.


Your heart is filled with emotions

And you just can’t let them loose

I sit and watch you pour out your soul. 

You hope for more, 

Wish for more,

Pray that her love 

Completely mimics your love

But in the end 

The fact remains 

That you’re just a person,

In love on your own. 

And I am one in the same. 

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