One Rainy Morning: A Collaboration

Lord I cannot see you through these dark skies…
I have bags under my eyes, but it is no surprise.
I know I gotta get up when that sun rise to avoid depression from hard times…
Avoid metaphorical drowning from these overbearing riptides…
Lord I know you are there
but I can’t see you through these
dark, dark, skies….
But then I start to open my eyes
And suddenly I realize
That through my heart, you hear my cries.
And my weary comes as no surprise
No I can’t see through these dark, dark skies
But just know my faith within you lies
I know soon sunshine will arise
and the rainbow will be with no disguise
And I will dry my weeping eyes
and forget about those
dark, dark, skies.

Thank you so much, Dom for allowing me to collaborate with you on this piece. It really hit home and touched my heart as well as the hearts of others. I look forward to working with you more in the future.-B

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