When Letting Go is Hard to Do Pt. 2

“The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.”
Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

So about a week ago, I made a post on the reasons I feel like it’s hard to let go; You’re comfortable, you don’t want to be alone, you don’t believe you will find anyone better, and you simply just don’t know how to. I received a lot of feedback on additional reasons such as, you are simply in love with that person. It was important to me to follow up to explore exactly why I feel you should get up and go.

  1. It’s more painful to hold on to someone then it is to let them go.

Let’s ponder on this for a minute…Every day, you find yourself in your room, at night with ears full of tears and wet pillows. Everything about you has changed. Your smile is different. The way you walk and the way you talk is no longer the same. Your friends, family and loved one’s no longer recognize you. The pain is evident on the inside as well as the outside of you. Letting go doesn’t mean the the pain will automatically be erased, but its a step in the right direction for your strength and happiness to be restored.

2. What you’re holding on to, probably no longer exists.

Man….If this one reason didn’t hit home for me. I remember holding on to relationships based on how my significant other USED to be. He WAS so sweet. He WAS so nice. He USED to do this…He USED to do that. Even though now, he stayed out all night, he never did or said nice things to me, he was rude, mean, and inconsiderate. But since he once showed me how it felt to “feel” loved…my mind wouldn’t allow me to focus on the NOW. I couldn’t focus on what was currently wrong in the relationship. I was holding on to what used to be, believing that it would all come back. That everything would eventually be the same. I understand. It is so hard to change what you’re used to and shift your emotions into reality at times. But in the end, it wills save a lot of hurt and pain if you let it go.

3. You do not want to be held back.

Ever feel like you are continuously moving, but going absolutely no where at the same time? It’s like a ton of bricks are on your back and you can’t do anything about it. When you stay in a toxic relationship, friendships, etc…that’s exactly what it feels like. You can’t move forward. You can’t grow. You’re in a position where you begin to feel like you’re stuck. You can’t turn left or right. Can’t move forward or even back. It effects your mental, physical, and even spiritual growth sometimes. And to me…That’s one of the worst feelings in the world.

So again guys…I have explored just 3 reasons why I feel you should let go. Talk to me. Let me know what you think. Whether you agree, disagree, or have more reasons to add.

Happy Reading! Love,


7 thoughts on “When Letting Go is Hard to Do Pt. 2

  1. jason says:

    I feel the situation determines whether it’s best to let go or to hold on.
    In dating relationships, I feel you shouldn’t want to be with anyone who doesn’t want to be with you. Every breakup is tough, especially if you loved them and invested a lot into the relationship. And it’s impossible to just forget about someone who you loved.
    Nevertheless I mostly agree with you, in most cases it’s probably better to let go than to hold on.

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  2. Keith Liddell says:

    Letting go may sometimes be the hardest thing to do, however best for the future. I totally agree with this blog. I’ve been to that point where I didn’t want to let go, but now that I have my life had prospered so much. I was giving my all to someone who lived in a fantasy world that I didn’t exist in. We have to be mindful of the things we say and the things we do. All of this plays a part when it comes to letting go. We all have similar obstacles, burdens, etc. It’s our solutions that are different.

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    • bridgettereneeblair says:

      I agree with that 100%. My problem is that I leave when I’m forced to. Meaning, when they break up with me or when God gives me no other option. It is hard for me to just do what I know is right and move on. But I have found myself getting much better with that though. It’s rough. I am so glad that you were able to prosper afterwards. Awesome feedback. Thanks Keith!


  3. Candice Taylor says:

    Oh my!!! I’m so glad I read this!!! I totally agree 100%. Numbers 1 and 2 are exactly what I need to hear! I recently had to deal with letting go and I feel I was holding on for a different reason and that was “what he could be”! Throughout the whole time they made progress that was pleasing to them saying I never did this before so you should be happy about me just twice a day (for example) and I feel that is not right…now! But then I just kept holding on thinking he might get there one day! But when you are tired you are completely tired! Letting go is so hard when you are just use to a person or situation…yes the pillow was full of tears and the days are so dark inside when the sun is shining so bright outside but at some point you will get through but first I had to let go and never look back!


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