Meet Nell Coleman of The Bald Movement

I remember walking the campus of UAPB with this young lady and the band trips with M4. Ahhh those were the days. 🙂 What I remember and admire most about Nell is her beautiful, bold, personality and spirit as ive watched her build her brand and make a name for herself in this world. So it’s my honor to present this weeks “Sister With Vision”…..Nell Coleman. 

Tell me a little about yourself.

My name is Nell Coleman, born and raised in Little Rock, AR. I currently reside in New York pursuing my career as a model and managing an online movement called The Bald Movement. The movement is designed to help women regardless of their reason or desire of being bald to realize that Hair is like an accessory, whether you have it or not, it doesn’t determine your beauty or your worth, you do.

nell2Have you ever dealt with insecurities? If so, how did you overcome them?

This movement was built based on my past insecurities that were developed due to allowing others opinions of me to define me. I was very insecure about my skin color, my teeth, but mostly, MY HAIR. I overcame these insecurities by realizing that I was beautiful because I SAID SO but of course, I made some changes. I got braces to fix my teeth, shaved all of my hair off to free myself from the stress that it brought, and embraced the skin that I’m in because my skin is beautiful. I gained confidence in myself that I thought I could never obtain but with applied faith and much help from loved ones, I reached my main objective which was to love and accept myself regardless of what others thought.

What does being “perfectly imperfect” mean to you?

Being perfectly imperfect simply means being me to the best of my ability regardless of my circumstances or flaws. I’m happy with me, I accept me, I embrace me and that’s what matters most.

If you had the chance, what would be one thing you would tell a young girl dealing with low self esteem or insecurities?

While living in Little Rock, AR, I worked with a small group of teens who were all insecure for their own reasons. My goal was to teach them that regardless of where they come from or what was told to them, what mattered most was what they thought of themselves. I’ve learned that whatever you allow to occupy your thoughts, it will magnify in your life, so I had to figure out what they thought about themselves and then help them to change that negative thought into a positive one. Though it was a challenge, with much practice of positive thinking, overtime they would begin to realize just how amazing they were simply b/c they trained themselves to believe this. This is the same thing I do with The Bald Movement. For more info in regards to the movement visit


Anything else you would like to add?

Bridgette, I appreciate you for allowing me to share a little piece of my life with you. I hope in turn this will also help others to realize just how beautiful and amazing they are too. As I always say, There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who’s unafraid to be herself.

Peace & Love

Thanks for reading loves! Make sure you check Nell’s movement out! It’s simply Amazing! 



Meet Jessica Ayers

Ever meet someone and instantly feel inspired? The way they walk, talk, and everything in between just draws you to them? Well that happened to me about a year ago when I joined Uplift Concord, the Young Adult ministry with Concord Church in Dallas, TX. So I want you all to meet Jessica Ayers; my 2nd Sister With Vision….

Sooooo….Tell me a little about yourself.

Ha! That’s a loaded question. Let’s see…I’m a wildly, passionate creative spirit who enjoys living out loud. My goal in life is for someone to hear my story and either learn from my mistakes or to be encouraged by them. I will (and do) share some of the most intimate parts of my life with people in hopes that they are inspired and in turn decide to live the best versions of their lives, whatever that may be. The arts are like a drug to me. I’m insanely inspired by people and their creations. Whether it be spoken word, a song they wrote or them just going after their dreams. I draw strength from their passion and it is my hope that I return the gift.

Have you ever dealt with insecurities? If so, how did you overcome them? jessfullbody

I most definitely have and continue to do so. Life is an evolution of self, so I don’t think that there will ever be a point in my life that I’m not insecure about one thing or another. As you mature through time and experiences you are either freed from those insecurities or bound by them. The deciding factor is how you and/or who you choose to handle them. If I hadn’t made the choice to seek a relationship with God, I could never have been loosed from the grips of certain self-esteem issues. I was carrying around insecurities from my childhood like my height, my weight, my shoe size, etc. All of those things, I have no control over (well maybe my weight but that’s a whole nother battle). They are forever a part of me. However, after reading God’s word and recognizing the complexities and the beauty that goes into making the human body; it has helped me to not only repair my esteem but to be proud of who I am. Every lump, bump and curve. Knowing that my big feet are “beautifully and wonderfully made” helps in the self-love process. He chose everything from my DNA strands to the hair follicles on my head. Who am I to say He got it wrong? And if everything is working together for His good, then I know that who I am both physically and spiritually is serving a purpose greater than anything I could every perceive. With all of that said, I would be remiss if I didn’t say that I still have to make a concerted effort in choosing to love myself daily. I literally chant to myself every morning that I am beautiful. It helps. I even thought about being Mary Jane Paul and sticking post-it notes all over my house. LOL. The struggle is real.

What does being “Perfectly Imperfect” mean to you?


Perfectly imperfect means being the most authentic version of you. “Flaws” and all. Loving every inch of you. Your crooked teeth, your knocked knees, your lisp, your “nappy” hair. All of it. Imperfection is the most beautiful sight to see when you own it. I love to see a confident woman. She doesn’t have to be a 10 or be dressed a certain way or drive a certain car etc. Because the exterior is not the draw. It’s her soul. And you know when her soul’s right because it just radiates. It’s those times when you can’t put a finger on it; it’s just something about her. That is what I strive to be daily. So comfortable with who I am and in living my truth that I just become contagious. I want to infect people. I want them to be so affected by the God in me that they are never the same. Being perfectly imperfect means that you’ve allowed God to fill the voids. It’s a beautiful thing.

If you had the chance, what would be one thing you would tell a young girl dealing with low self esteem or insecurities?

1) Take every thought captive. What you think, is what you do, is who you are. Don’t let it get that far. 2) Spend time with God every chance you get. When you’re having those thoughts, call on him. It doesn’t have to be anything formal. Just talk to Him. He will answer. 3) Evaluate your circle and get a mentor. Someone who inspires you. Allow your mentor and your inner circle to pour into you. Let them know your weaknesses. Talk to them about your struggles because talking things out helps. The best form of ammunition for malnourished thoughts is alone time. Because when you’re alone and not talking to God…it’s as if you’ve stepped onto the devil’s playground. And he doesn’t play fair. Don’t let him win.

Anything else you would like to add?

Don’t ever let anybody else define you. You are not even who YOU think you are. You’re more than that. The only person who can define you is the one who created you. God. Do yourself a favor and get out of your own way. Let God do the driving. Be comfortable in the passenger seat of your life. Let God mold you into the woman you were born to be. You are beautiful. You are worth it. You can do it. Vigorously chase your dreams and allow failures to propel you into the greatest successes of your life. Be present in every moment. Surround yourself with beautiful souls and feed off of each other. We were not meant to do life alone. Live with purpose and live on purpose.

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Meet Janitha Lawson 8.12.15

So I had this bright idea to feature amazing women of color weekly on my blog. With all this negativity going on in the world, it’s very refreshing to get hit with some positive energy.

The first person that came to my mind to feature is someone I am blessed to call one of my very best friends. But not only is she that, she is much more…she is my sister. I have seen her grow for many years now. She is and will always be an inspiration to me. When I look at her, I see so much strength. So it’s only fitting that she is the very first member of SWV-Sisters with Vision. Meet Janitha Lawson. 🙂

Tell me a little about yourself?


My name is Janitha Lawson, a native of Tulsa, Oklahoma. My passion is uplifting women and young girls. My dream is to use my story to minister to others through public speaking and writing.

Have you ever dealt with insecurities? If so, how did you overcome them?

Yes I have dealt with insecurities. I was picked on from a very young age for not having hair and it left me with little to no confidence at all. I always felt that I was not good enough and I struggled to make friends growing up. I felt that if I didn’t even like me, why would others like me. I was extremely sensitive and cried all the time. To experience feelings of loneliness and being by yourself is hard for anyone to break through especially a child in elementary.

What does being “perfectly imperfect” mean to you?

Perfectly Imperfect means to me that there is no pressure to get it right. It’s ok to own your imperfections because those “flaws” are what makes up you. So accept it and release the burdens of perfection and the standards set by yourself and society

If you had the chance, what would be one thing you would tell a young girl dealing with low self esteem or insecurities?


I know it’s hard to love yourself right now. No one may have shown you love or felt you deserved it. But don’t allow anyone or anything to dictate how you feel about you. How you feel about you will ultimately set the standard for how others will feel about you and treat you.

Anything else you want to add?

I have found that surrounding yourself with people that are uplifting and that are positive can help change your mindset. Speaking over yourself combined with supportive people speaking over you cancels out all negative feelings of yourself. But remember it first has to begin with you.

What a wonderful interview from my lovely friend. Do me a favor and follow her on her social media account and check out her blog. 🙂

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