Meet Madame Hunte 10.21.15

So there is this extremely talented Soror of mine. Her voice is absolutely beautiful and like no other. What I love about her most is her free spirit and beautiful personalty. I was floored by her interview and I know you all will enjoy it to. Please meet this week’s Sister With Vision, Madame Hunte and be sure to check out her AH-MAZING song, Lava Burns at the end of this interview and let her know what you think! 🙂

Tell me a little about the person behind the voice?

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The person behind the voice is a woman whom is made within the nature of her creation which consist of light, beauty and love. I fight to protect the goodness of the Earth by helping to bring out the best within those that are in my reach. That is my mission and one of my purposes on this planet. I enjoy the vibrations of life and the depths it unapologetically takes me through spiritually and physically. Therefore, I meditate on mantras to help me better understand the world around me and where I can service it best.
The woman behind the voice is a woman whom is constantly building on inner self, a woman whom has accepted her flaws and chooses to create safe spaces for them to manifest into tools use to strengthen her very being.

I am a storyteller that lived many lives before. Therefore, as a true student of language; whether it may be in the form of poetry, the quiet cyphers I have with myself in my room, music , monologues, books or body language, it is all used within my music to further the art of storytelling. The portal of my imperfections is what is used to allow my writing to come from the most authentic and vulnerable place within. My purpose is to use Music as a platform to reach the minds of those that choose to live within the realm of truth, light, love.

Who is your musical inspiration and why?

I love the electricity that James Brown would have on stage. I love Prince for the daring bravery to be himself, the womaness of Jill Scott, the realness of Erykah Badu, the spark that Janelle Monae brings everytime she performs and Missy Elliot for her swag on every track and uniqueness in each video! Each of these artist never cared about what society thought of them. They stayed true to their vision and to themselves. I admire that a great deal! So often, the entertainment business makes you feel as though you have to sound like what’s popular on the radio. These artist made a CULTURAL IMPACT by just being themselves. That is what I am constantly in awe of when I think about true artistry. Therefore, I make music that makes me feel good and if others feel it as well, then that’s a major BONUS!


At what point did you realize that singing is something you would enjoy doing so much?

I realized that being an artist is something that I would enjoy at a very early age. I’ve always been very attracted to tones and sounds. I’ll never forget when my father asked me at the age of seven what I wanted to be when I was older. I told him, I wanted to be a singer. He looked puzzled! Being the business man that he his, I’m sure at the time he wanted me to say that I wanted to be a doctor. lol! I believe that children know where their heart lies and it isn’t until they get older and someone tells them that they can’t do it , that their dreams change. We have to encourage our children’s dream. Thankfully, I have supportive family and friends that challenge my career path in loving way. That is important to keep around. I’ve always wanted to be an artist. The dream never dies, it just takes new form.

During your musical journey, have you ever had a moment where you felt like giving up? If so, how did you overcome it?

I can never give up on my journey. I know for a fact that I am to use music as a torch in my life. What becomes difficult is the uncertainty of the road I walk while on this path. The jump from knowing what you want to do to not knowing exactly how to get there causes discomfort. So, I’ve decided to just put one foot infront of the other and just start walking. We will see where the road leads. There’s a beauty to the unknown. It gives you jitters and can be fearful. The challenge is in your approach. So I always question myself, am I going to let fear of the unknown stop me from fulfilling my purpose? The unknown is dark at times. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t have my bouts of darkness. However, understanding life’s paradoxes, will teach you that you can not know light without knowing the dark. I say this to say, get to know the side of yourself that is rarely seen to the public because it is that journey in particular that you will grow from the most! That is how I overcome fear, I confront it.

What encouraging words would you give a young Queen that is interested in singing professionally?

The only way you’ll rise, is if you’ve understood the fall. Trust the fibers that make you , YOU! They will guide you into the Phoenix that you are rising to be. Don’t be lazy! Im guilty of that myself, but you are only holding yourself back. Study artist that made people uncomfortable . There is a beauty to their artistry because art is never about comfort. Stay true to your vision. If you can see it, then it is tangible and within your reach! Also, stay woke! Be aware of those that surround you. Ask the higher power to give you a clearer understanding of those that walk with you. Keep your circle small and make sure you are surrounded by those that will check you when needed. Spread love, always!


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Be on the look out for my upcoming EP entitled: Asylum

I’d like to say, thank you to Bridgette for your love and patience with me throughout this interview. Its such an inspiration to see women supporting other women and I am forever grateful to you for creating such a platform for us to do so. You are a Queen!

Meet Adjwoa Hogue of Pan-African Connection

When I moved to Dallas the first people to take me in and help me to get on my feet were Adjwoa and Akwete. So when I say they are definitely about giving back to the community and helping those around them, I mean it. More importantly, their business has been apart of the South Dallas community for 26 years and we want to keep them there! Although I love all my Queens, this feature is very important and dear to my heart because it showcases a business that has done wonders for people of color since their opening. So please do me a favor and meet my sister and my friend….Adjwoa Hogue of Pan-African Connection.

Tell me a little about yourself and the founders of your business.

I’m Adjwoa which is an African name from Ghana that means born on Monday, Beautiful, and intelligent.  I’m a recent graduate of UAPB ,who loves meeting new people, traveling, and trying new things. I’m a community activist/organizer and Co-Owner of Pan-African Connection Bookstore & Resource center in Sunny South Dallas. The Pan-African Connection was founded 26years ago by my father Bandele Tyehimba and my mother Akwete as a tool to organize, educate Black/African people in America about the dignity and greatness of their history and culture. In 2012,when my dad passed away I vowed to help our store anyway I could and “da store” became my new Love!


7C4A3E10-1903-44E3-A93F-4CEAF35ADC95Now tell me a little bit about your business and what you all have done for the community that you live in.

Where do I begin? Lol .We are more than just a bookstore/art gallery, we are an institution of learning and community space. We hold free workshops, on entrepreneurship, healthy and holistic living, children African dancing and drumming, farmers market, lectures, uplifting films, festivals, and so much more. We  are a business that grows, as our community grows.

What advice would you give a young girl trying to start their own business?

Don’t worry about how much money you have, just make a plan of action, surround yourself with friends and family who support you and find your market and implement your plan. Just jump out there and do. The longest journey, starts with the first step.

How important do you think it is for us as blacks to support other black owned businesses?

We are all we have. We must help each other survive. Our businesses, especially independent cultural businesses are closing daily. We are barley sustaining our business at this time. Rent is too high and no one seems to see the importance of culture as a tool to uplift our community. Yes, my father use to say to me “if we don’t support ourselves, no one else will”.

IMG_0014How does a person find you and connect with you via social media?

They can follow us on:
Instagram: @PAC_Dallas
Facebook : Pan African Connection
Website :

Any upcoming events?

We have many events weekly, the easiest way to get information is to email us at or give us a phone (214)943-8262 your email information and we                                                        will forward information to you.


Anything else you would like to add?

Yes, we want to thank the community for their support. They have been with us from the beginning and we are eternally grateful. We are in need of your help, in this moment to help with rental and other expenses.

You can go to gofundme:

What a wonderful interview! Please do me as well as the community of South Dallas a favor by clicking on the link above to donate to this great establishment. No amount is to small or too big! And as always, thank you reading.