Meet Montoya Jackson of The Nosk Caj

It is Week 6 of SWV and I am absolutely excited to introduce you all to Ms. Montoya Jackson. It was an honor to learn more about her business and her passion for event planning and design. I have been stalking her IG and her arrangements are simply amazing! You can tell she adds the perfect touch to any event and room! Not only that, she uses her talents to help in her community. Please meet and support this Black Queen, Montoya Jackson of The Nosk Caj. 🙂

Tell me a little about yourself.

My name is Montoya Jackson. I am 26 years old and a Design and Events Stylist. My business is called The Nosk Caj (Jackson spelled backwards). I am very ambitious, driven, I love to travel, and I am working towards my purpose in life!

Now tell me a little bit about your business. How did it start?

My business focuses on Design & Event Planning. I specialize in Interior Design, Studio Set Design and Events. Here’s a quick story before I actually explain what executed into me getting started. In 2010 I was dating this guy and we were watching House Hunters on HGTV and I was so in tune with the house selections on the show. I basically was giving my opinion on what should be and what shouldn’t. So he says to me, “You should go to school for this type of stuff, you’re really into it.” At that time I didn’t know what I really wanted to do, but that sparked a flame in my spirit and planted a seed. During that same year started I was helping one of my mentors move back into her home due to family circumstances. Her home was pretty much a fixer upper so we decided to give her home a makeover in the process we stripped and re-stained her floors, coated fresh paint on the walls, re-stained her kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and added new counter-tops. The process was very time consuming and tedious, but the finished product turned out to be beyond our expectations. To me, I was being of service and helping someone re-create a safe haven in her home. Within that I found pleasure as well and experience. After the 2 1/2 month process she was back living in her home and well. Upon the following year, I enrolled in school at El Centro Community College located in Downtown Dallas where I enrolled in their Interior Design Department. I was ready and willing to learn the needs in becoming a great designer.


This red and white event was my first actual event back February. There were about 150 guest attending this event. It was hard work but I executed it.


This set up was for the Woman of Purpose Conference prepared by Founder Jessica Chinyelu this past April. These shots were taken from the dinner for the guest speakers. What an amazing conference. Something soft and simple.

Where did the vision come from?

I would say the vision came from me wanting to do something for others. I’ve always been in the arts and creative and this was the perfect avenue where I could shine. I’ve always wanted to utilize my creativity somehow. My vision and goal is to create something no one else could have. Its all individually exclusive.

Have you reached out into the community? If so, what have you done?

I just signed up to volunteer with a non profit called Dwell with Dignity. They are a home design service specializing for special families that go through programs for housing assistance. Families have to meet certain credentials in order to receive DWD’s home design service. Dwell with Dignity gives back to families on a weekly basis where they go in and do lighting, plumbing,and furniture installs to have ready before the family even moves in. Many families don’t have the necessary means to furnish and polish their home in the desire they would want. What’s refreshing is they will come home to something that is promising and elevating. With this opportunity, it will be great because I’m helping to create a safe environment for less fortunate families, also learning and getting experience, and able to network. I’m looking forward to what’s in store with this group.

What advice would you give a young Queen trying to start their own business?

Advice I would give for young queens on starting their business is to first figure out what you want to do, second pray if this is what God wants for you, third know your worth and have the confidence. Many will not understand your dream and they are not supposed to. The people that understands will be right there supporting you, encouraging you, and praying that you go higher in life. Also network, get your name out there, always have your business cards on hand you never know who you will come in contact with. If you stay ready you will never have to get ready! Be the best you and don’t look back! Being an entrepreneur is a hustle and bustle but the reward is always great it’s not always about the money but being a servant as well. Every business has a service and you are here to”SERVE” serve your clients so they will have the best experience to come back to you and to expose you to those that are awaiting for you. Black Queens be great and keep going!

How important do you think it is for us as blacks to support other black owned businesses?

I think it is very important for our race to support our black owned businesses because we can build one another to reach that mindset, put our communities in better shape, our children or younger generations would have something to live for, and we would be able to maximize what we have to better platforms. It’s also relatively important because there aren’t enough leaders, too many followers. There’s never enough room for improvement, if we remain teachable and coachable and not willing to settle for the bare minimum, our future would not only be great but show what our race stands for. We should stand for PURPOSE!

The floral arrangement with place settings was a set up for my launch Party this past July. I created this versatile set for in doors and outdoors. I wasn’t set on doing rustic designs but rustic has became one of the loves of my life.

This floral arrangement is a wedding inspired set design that was arranged by myself, Pastries and sweets by Amber Williams of Le Rouge Cuisine, and Photography by Kali Rogers. The bouquet was actually the floral arrangement I used in the beginning. I added twine rope around the stems to give a rustic feel, using the blues and purple gives said sting and summer time. A great ideal look for an outdoor wedding or dinner party.

I used different accessories for the coffee table because (1) it was a large coffee table two using golds, champagnes, and pewters help bring warmth into this room. The living space is just a sitting room but hosts plenty of elegant style.

I used different accessories for the coffee table because (1) it was a large coffee table two using golds, champagnes, and pewters help bring warmth into this room. The living space is just a sitting room but hosts plenty of elegant style.

How does a person find you and connect with you via social media for questions regarding your business?

I’m active on all social media you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @thenoskcaj or for more information email me at Also to check out my website for portfolio or to learn more about me visit my website at Sidebar: I’m very active on my Instagram. 🙂

Any upcoming events?

I’m actually planning an Event which will be a Design Class. I will be having Design Classes where I will teach on different topic of design and have special guest come in as well. The classes will be hands on and more of a team player class. I want those attending to go home knowing they have learned something as well as having some sort of design expertise.  Stay tuned for more details.

Anything else you would like to add?

To those who are wanting to start a business or something that their passionate about DO IT. If it’s a burning in your chest, or you feel led to be a leader and stepping out into your own thing go for it. No one can stop you but you! YOU WERE ALREADY AMAZING BEFORE YOU STARTED!

Meet Adjwoa Hogue of Pan-African Connection

When I moved to Dallas the first people to take me in and help me to get on my feet were Adjwoa and Akwete. So when I say they are definitely about giving back to the community and helping those around them, I mean it. More importantly, their business has been apart of the South Dallas community for 26 years and we want to keep them there! Although I love all my Queens, this feature is very important and dear to my heart because it showcases a business that has done wonders for people of color since their opening. So please do me a favor and meet my sister and my friend….Adjwoa Hogue of Pan-African Connection.

Tell me a little about yourself and the founders of your business.

I’m Adjwoa which is an African name from Ghana that means born on Monday, Beautiful, and intelligent.  I’m a recent graduate of UAPB ,who loves meeting new people, traveling, and trying new things. I’m a community activist/organizer and Co-Owner of Pan-African Connection Bookstore & Resource center in Sunny South Dallas. The Pan-African Connection was founded 26years ago by my father Bandele Tyehimba and my mother Akwete as a tool to organize, educate Black/African people in America about the dignity and greatness of their history and culture. In 2012,when my dad passed away I vowed to help our store anyway I could and “da store” became my new Love!


7C4A3E10-1903-44E3-A93F-4CEAF35ADC95Now tell me a little bit about your business and what you all have done for the community that you live in.

Where do I begin? Lol .We are more than just a bookstore/art gallery, we are an institution of learning and community space. We hold free workshops, on entrepreneurship, healthy and holistic living, children African dancing and drumming, farmers market, lectures, uplifting films, festivals, and so much more. We  are a business that grows, as our community grows.

What advice would you give a young girl trying to start their own business?

Don’t worry about how much money you have, just make a plan of action, surround yourself with friends and family who support you and find your market and implement your plan. Just jump out there and do. The longest journey, starts with the first step.

How important do you think it is for us as blacks to support other black owned businesses?

We are all we have. We must help each other survive. Our businesses, especially independent cultural businesses are closing daily. We are barley sustaining our business at this time. Rent is too high and no one seems to see the importance of culture as a tool to uplift our community. Yes, my father use to say to me “if we don’t support ourselves, no one else will”.

IMG_0014How does a person find you and connect with you via social media?

They can follow us on:
Instagram: @PAC_Dallas
Facebook : Pan African Connection
Website :

Any upcoming events?

We have many events weekly, the easiest way to get information is to email us at or give us a phone (214)943-8262 your email information and we                                                        will forward information to you.


Anything else you would like to add?

Yes, we want to thank the community for their support. They have been with us from the beginning and we are eternally grateful. We are in need of your help, in this moment to help with rental and other expenses.

You can go to gofundme:

What a wonderful interview! Please do me as well as the community of South Dallas a favor by clicking on the link above to donate to this great establishment. No amount is to small or too big! And as always, thank you reading.