After the Storm 8.18.15

I stood outside my doorstep as the last drop of rain hit my brow.

I kept questioning…is it over? Has the storm really passed or am I just dreaming.

Or will I be sleeping peacefully, pinched by reality, and woken up to realize that the storm has not yet ended?

I realized that it’s true. No more rain. No more clouds. No more storm. It’s just me. And I was perfectly fine with that. I knew one day it would come back, but I was actually ok with the sunshine and the rainbow out yonder.
It’s just I was never too fond of hardships. Even though I grew up with little to nothing and basically had to struggle my entire life..I hated it. People would say, “Oh everything you’re going through will only make you stronger”…well if that’s the case, I should be bench pressing 350 by now. 

Ever felt that way before? I know I find myself time and time again, expressing those same emotions. I believe that I’ve never quite learned how to “deal” with the storm. Or just the different seasons in my life. This past Sunday, Pastor Carter spoke a sermon about “The Seasons of Life”. He made a point that we must learn to embrace the season that we are in. Even with the ups and downs, the highs and lows, we must make sure that we are content. We have to trust God’s plan regardless of our current situation in order to do so. It doesn’t mean that the season will be easy, doesn’t mean it will be over fast. But it does mean that no matter the outcome, we just have to remember that God will be with us through it all. We also have to know that sometimes when we go through a season in our lives that we will be stretched further than what we believe we can handle.  

Where I thought I was weak, the Lord showed me I was strong. When I was ready to give up, he gave me reasons to keep pushing. So I’ve learned that instead of crying about the rain and waiting for the storm to past…that I will just get myself together, put a smile on my face, dance in the rain (splashing and playing in puddles and all lol) and thank the Lord for the good and the bad. 

The road I will take in life will never be easy, but I know it will be worth it.